We're doing something that feels a bit nuts.

We've quit out corporate, well paid, comfortable (if a little stressful) London jobs to travel the world for a year. And we don't really have a plan. 

Quarter life crisis?

Maybe... Though my Husband is in his early 30s, so i'm not sure he qualifies for that excuse any more?! But we'll go with it. Anything to add a bit of legitimacy to what we're up to. 

Going abroad for an extended period of time has been something we've talked about doing together since the very early days of our now 6 year relationship. Whether it was tentative explorations into work placements abroad or fantasies about going on holiday and just not coming back (Every. Single. Time), travel has always dominated dinner-time chat... as well as the vast majority of our income. It's fuelled lots of shared experiences that help sustain us as a couple. 

I know, I know, a bit mushy, but a massive reason why we've decided to fly our comfy little London nest exactly right now, this year, 2018. Precisely because... We just got married! 

Tied the knot. Got wifed. Till-death-do-us-part, all that jazz, just back in July. 

(Notice the casual use of 'Husband' above did you? Yup. It still makes me grin like a Cheshire cat writing it) 

Got hitched.jpeg

 "A big year already!" you say

"Have you not had enough excitement for 2018?!" I hear you cry

Well, you might have a point. But nonetheless, our thought process is that if you are going to start married life right (and double check you're meant for each know, just in case) what better way than to spend 365 solid days together in exotic, exciting, beautiful, totally foreign, challenging, stressful, frightening places, whilst living out of a backpack and on a really tight budget? 

** whispers sideways** Babe... are those one-way flights to Mexico refundable?? 

But in all seriousness, we have no children, our parents are fortunately all fit and well and happy, and we are lucky enough to have been able to save money over the past couple of years. If there was ever a perfect time to throw in the towel and wander off around the world, this would be it.

We both know that the memories we make this year, however wonderful or unfortunate, will be part of the foundation of our married life together for lots and lots of years to come. 

We cannot wait to see what happens.


Thinking of doing the same?

Here's a handy couples guide on how to successfully run away from a completely fine, rather lovely and comfortable life without getting cold feet & backing out:

  1. Determine who's job has the longer notice period
    (FYI - It's easier when it's not you)

  2. Make sure they resign first
    (now you have to resign)

  3. Marry them, making life-long vows of commitment & togetherness in front of all your mates
    (now you really have to resign)

  4. Book a one way, non-refundable, really quite expensive long-distance flight to LITERALLY ANYWHERE
    (now you really, really have to resign)

  5. Find a couple of very good friends to rent your flat. Agree a move date. Get them to serve notice on their flat.
    (You absolutely have to resign now. There is no way back)

  6. Resign
    (Holy. Smokes)

  7. Try to make sure you DO NOT get sold back into your job.
    (Your company/boss/the money is not as important as your husband - Top tip!)

  8. Persuade your parents/friends/loved ones to store a bunch of your stuff in attics/garages/spare rooms. Agree dates to move said stuff.

  9. Throw a leaving party. Invite EVERYONE.
    (The more witnesses the better)

  10. Pack. Fly. Bye.
    (Very soon after aforementioned party - quickly, before it really sinks in)


So there you have it. You've not stitched-up your husband, haven't left your friends homeless, not inconvenienced your parents, or lost face in front of everyone you know. Just 10 easy steps on locking yourself into a year of adventure. 

More to come. 



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