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We are Nick & Stephanie, the inquisitive pair behind The Curious Travel.

In July 2018, in a sunny airbnb in Edinburgh, we woke up in a predicament. We had solid, even successful careers back in London, a home, a whole life… but laced between it all we also had a gnawing sense that adventure was passing us by. At that particularly moment we also had a touch of the mania that goes hand in hand with an espresso-martini hangover… and so, predictably, we booked a one way flight to Mexico.

Later that month we got married, found friends to rent our home, and resigned.

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Regardless of what you do for a living, how you define yourself, or what you spend your time doing, there should always be something equally intriguing entering stage-left. Something else worth investigating, learning a little bit about, unpicking slightly so it makes a bit more sense. Whether it’s in depth research or a more acute pre-occupation with facts, stats & trivia, staying open to learning & seeking knowledge out is an ethos we like to live by.

A year of freedom is an opportunity to address this. To afford more time to let curiosity guide us and indulge in learning just that little bit more. And what could be more satisfying to the curious than travel?

For anyone who considers themselves a lover of learning, we hope there is something here for you. Steph is a geographer & sociologist by training; intrigued by people & place. Nick an anthropologist & historian. One of us always ends up leaving a place we visit together fairly well briefed (in some cases whether we'd wanted to be or not...). 

For those of you planning your own adventure, we hope our experiences help inspire you, ease the process where it can be eased, and provide the context to help you travel deeper & with more awareness.

Whether its from reading guide-books cover-to-cover, hunting down every information sign in the vicinity, or getting caught in rabbit-holes of online research about a person, place, creature or idea, we'll summarise & share it here.

We hope you enjoy our adventures in curiosity.

Learning is by nature curiosity.. Prying into everything, reluctant to leave anything, material or immaterial unexplained
— Philo of Alexandria

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